Librestream Onsight Augmented Reality Platform

Librestream Technologies Inc. is a Winnipeg, Canada-based company with a long tradition in providing technology that enables mobile and remote collaboration in enterprises. Their main product ONSIGHT is a platform that uses augmented reality services to accelerate decision-making, reduce costs, increase productivity and improve employee safety.

Onsight Cube-R

The Onsight Cube-R industrial wearable brings hands-free collaboration and thermal imaging to the world’s toughest environments. Whether your teams need to see and capture visuals for self-guided work, or share live content during remote collaboration sessions, the Cube-R wearable provides a secure and safe solution.

Designed for safe operation in rugged environments, the Onsight Cube-R industrial wearable captures live video, HD pictures, and thermal imaging for effective independent work, knowledge capture, and remote expert assistance.
Pair the Cube-R industrial wearable to an Librestream Onsight Augmented Reality Platform enabled mobile device and immediately control the Cube-R camera from afar. Adjust lighting, zoom, or take pictures and thermal images, to gain access to critical visuals. Workers can also capture and securely store images or recordings on the Cube-R directly and later upload to Onsight Workspace or share in live connect remote expert sessions.

With dual cameras inside, choose between optical HD video and pictures, thermal imaging or fusion mode for infrastructure health and trending information. Fusion overlays the optical and thermal cameras for added definition. The integrated light ring and laser aim pointer also ensure high quality visuals even in poorly lit environments.

To enhance worker safety, the Cube can be used with Librestream Onsight Augmented Reality Platform in thermal body mode for an effective and safe method of screening for elevated body temperature. Prior to admitting an employee or visitor into an industrial or commercial facility, the Onsight software and thermal imaging camera can be used as the first step in identifying elevated body temperature from a safe distance.
Main features includes:

  • + Built for safe operation across industrial environments
  • + Dual Cameras with HD optics and thermal imaging
  • + Thermal Body Mode for relative temperature screening and triage
  • + Powerful built-in light ring and laser aiming pointer
  • + Capture and store high quality recordings and pictures on the Cube, your paired mobile device, or Workspace
  • + Remote expert assistance through Connect application
  • + Multi-use as wearable, handheld or with monopod attached
  • + Accessories designed for safety and ease of use

There is also a Cube-Ex camera that can be used in Ex zone 1. The device can be used in hazardous environments such as oil refineries, chemical processing plants, gas pipelines, and aircraft refueling stations. Cube-Ex has EX certificates: ATEX, IECEx and NEC & CEC.

Onsight Hub

An IoT specialized solution, the Onsight Hub connects millions of ‘unconnected’ video and audio devices as part of live collaboration sessions. Connects a wide range of video and audio devices such as wearable cameras for a hands-free collaboration, or non-destructive test (NDT) instruments such as borescopes and ultrasound devices.
Regardless of the format and resolution support, the Onsight Hub is able to optimize visual clarity and stream live visuals to remote experts. Teams can record the session centrally, take high resolution pictures, or freeze and draw on the visuals together. The Hub connects to smartphones or tablets to share live video from these critical video sources as part of a standard Onsight Connect session.